Beginning of the fall garden

I’m finally putting my money where my mouth is and sticking seeds in the ground for a fall harvest. I am late, oh so late. We had a few weeks in there with temperatures in upper 90′s and lower 100′s and I just didn’t feel like going out there and baking. Oh yeah, and Boobock couldn’t come out in that heat either. Yeah, let’s go with that.

So now that is has cooled off significantly, and I finally got the potatoes dug, I could start today. I tilled where the potatoes were, and got started.

I started at the north part of this section, as it is under the canopy of the weird tree growing beside the garden. I put some of the more heat sensitive plants there, so maybe I can get them to produce instead of bolt. I usually take my handy three prong rake thing and level out a wide row about 3ish feet wide.

Here is the entire row, smoothed out. Boobock is showing off the eggplant he pilfered.

I then started planting. First was spinach. I am using seed left over from spring and previous years, so some of the quantities are pretty low. I also have a hard time getting things to germinate because of the heat and lack of rain, so I am doubling up on the seed amount I plant and will thin later. So, this small area is all the spinach. I made a rule this year that when you are done planting some particular kind of seed in the garden, I have to mulch it right away. This makes planting go much much slower, but at least the mulching is done and I can remember where I planted the seeds and not have to wait until they come up before I can mulch.

Next was pak choi. I am running the rows north/south because of the small amount of seed I am using. If I had enough to run an entire row, I would go east/west, but because I am putting 4 different types of plants here in this one row, grouping them together makes more sense.

Finally, kohlrabi and then broccoli. All mulched up and ready to go. We watered this part of the garden when we were done, trying to not blow the seed out of the rows when we did it. Boobock did some of it, so I am not sure how successful we were with regards to that.

I am mulching with wheat straw from 2 or 3 year old 1200 or so pound round bales. DH brought me in a new one early this spring, and I have been slowly pecking away at it. I use the 3 pronged rake to scrape it off the bale and into my handy dandy cart, and then cart it to where it needs to go. This thing is ancient, and we found it in the yard of our farm after we took it over. The wheels are out of balance, the center of gravity is a little off, and the rubber on the tires is hard and cracked and some of it is missing. But it works oh so well. I can’t just use a pitchfork because the straw is deteriorated pretty bad (the previous bale more so than this one.)…and DH has the pitchfork at the farm. So I make due, and it works.

Boobock loves to climb and jump, so he thought it was the best thing when I let him climb up this bale. He slid down once, then climbed again and said he was going to jump. I told him to stop…but I was too late. He jumped, landed on his feet, but his momentum carried him forward and he ended up landing on his stomach, arms akimbo and with a hard plunk. He looks up at me and says “See!” and then “Whah!!!!”. Delayed reaction, dude. He was fine. And now knows not to jump from the top of a big round bale.

2 thoughts on “Beginning of the fall garden

  1. Karen.

    1. Good for you for planting! If you’re late, and that much further south than me, I think I will give up the idea of fall crops.
    2. Boobock: The most adorable nickname on the interwebs.

  2. Chrissy Post author

    Of course it all depends on when the first frost is. We might luck out and get some good stuff out of the fall garden, but one Arctic blast could ruin it all.

    Boobock = belly button in pidgen Czech. My Grandpa used to call us that. Pronounced Boo-bock. I’ve never been able to confirm what the real word was, though. He could have been calling us little shits, for all I know.


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