Fighting the winter doldrums

Leave the house before the sun peaks up to the horizon, work inside all day, come out after work to twilight. Ugh. Winter doldrums are here. I just feel…blah. I decided to go off my diet for Nov/Dec for some reason, because I was stuck and not losing any weight and discouraged, and so, I have gained. Blah. The house is a disaster and I only seem to be able to fight up the urge clean (slightly, ever so slightly…like laundry and dishes; forget washing the floor, let alone dusting) on the weekends. Blah. I just feel blah during the week and I drive home, come inside, eat supper and watch tv or play around on the internet.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, it was nice outside and sunny. I was able to work in the garden, raking up old straw and putting some in the chicken run, and burning the rest (2 sections down, 4 to go). Ah, to be outside, without a coat even, was glorious. I also helped DH put some electric fence out, but instead of a full day of that, he had a cow calving that didn’t get done until after dinner, so we just built fence for a few hours. And then the next weekend, we were able to go deer hunting Saturday, and just being out there with DH was so nice. I mean, I’m glad I got a deer, but that was just a bonus. Being together doing something fun like that outside and not just sitting around watching TV was great.

But seriously, since the time change, that is about all the time I have had outside. I am going stir crazy. Instead of internet/TV, I have started to learn how to knit. It is going…ok. Kind of sloppy on my first project, but I have successfully made a not-quite-square washcloth :) I’m now trying to knit a hat for Boobock, and it is a simple pattern of K1-P1, but somehow I keep adding a stitch. I have to keep counting, then if it is off, the next row I knit two together to get me back to the correct number of stitches. It is making the pattern wonky, but hey, its my first real project and he is 3, so I doubt his peer group will make fun of him for a knitting stitch out of place.

My grandma taught me how to knit when I was in grade school, but she always cast on for me, didn’t teach me to purl, and didn’t teach me to tink (knit backwards) or how to fix mistakes, so I’ve really been trying to learn all that. I can knit like a whirling dervish, but purling is much slower, and that extra stitch is just annoying, and annoyingly consistent. Like, one extra stitch every row.

It is time to do something about this blah winter doldrums thing. I get these urges to just DO SOMETHING sometimes. I know if I wait just a bit and the feeling grows, I’ll stick to it longer term. If I get a wild hair and start immediately, I’ll do it for a day or two only, but if I wait, and the feeling grows stronger, I will last months. So…waiting for Jan 1. I’m a big one for New Year’s Resolutions, starting diets on Mondays or the 1st of the month, etc. So, I know that Jan 1 is like my big chance.

Of course, diet and exercise are first on the list. Like half the rest of the civilized world, I know it isn’t inspired, but it is needed. I’m going to restart the HIIT workout I did last year, and try to get so that I can do all 5 workouts (each workout twice) at one time. Last year, I started with the warmup and workout 1 (x2) and then an ab workout, and did that 3 times a week for 4 weeks, then did warmup, wo1, wo2, wo1, wo2, ab workout 3 times a week for 4 weeks, etc. I got up to doing wo1, wo2 and wo3 x2 and was ready to go up to the next step, but then Christmas came and I stopped. I decided to take January off…and then our lives went to hell and I never got back into it. I hurt myself in July by finding a hole with my bad ankle, trying to catch myself and hurting my bad knee and it has never felt right since then. It still hurts every day, all day. If I am sitting it doesn’t hurt, but if I stand, even, it hurts, let alone walk or run. I am hoping that the squats and lunges will be tolerated, because if I can’t do those, I am at a serious loss at what to do.

The best part about that workout is that I only need like 5′x5′ to do it in, so I can do it in the kitchen, or in the living room, and I don’t need any equipment…except for the resistance bands, which my God-child got for me last year for Christmas I don’t have to go to a gym, Boobock can do it with me if he wants, and I can even do it over lunch on my T-Th days at home if I want. And, as I start very slow and add on after 3-4 weeks, it is constantly challenging.

Third goal is doing my chores every day with no exceptions. I have a good schedule, I just need to do it every day. If I do every chore every day without fail, the house looks aaaaawwwwweeeeesome. And it isn’t hard, just a commitment. But really, once I get the house clean and do every chore every day, sometimes it only takes like 10 minutes to do that day’s chores.

Only a few more weeks until Winter Solstice, which I definitely don’t celebrate or anything, but that day means the days will start getting longer again at least. A few more weeks until I can glimpse a light at the end of the tunnel.

2 thoughts on “Fighting the winter doldrums

  1. Karen.

    Yeah, I could never live in Alaska. Too dark! Too cold! Hafta wear too much stuff! This is about as far north as I really care to be.

    It’s interesting that the first of a month, first of a year, even first of a week works best for you to start things. Monday’s usually my most productive day, but if I need to start something, it’s likely to linger on the to-do list regardless of any firsts that come and go. And I can’t finish anything, ever, it seems like, without a deadline that is really real, set by some exterior force or person.

    1. Chrissy Post author

      The deadline thing makes sense, though. I think that is why I like Whole 30s so much. You have to do it for 30 days or it doesn’t count. Prepare, start on the 1st (or a Monday), push through, done. Or, push through and keep going for as long as you can. Eventually it will end, though, and I have found I need to regroup for a while before starting again, or the second effort will be half assed.


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