Garden update July 2014

Ok, is it really an update if you have never seen my garden before? Let’s call it a Garden Introduction.

I had a very late start to my garden due to personal circumstances this spring, but we are really rolling now. First is a section of tomatoes, and a few eggplant, because some of the tomatoes I started died. DH (dear husband) wanted some eggplant, and I thought that all the ones I started indoors had died…they didn’t so we ended up with 6 eggplant, 3 in 2 different sections of the garden. Oops. Got to pick up some tahini and make some baba ganoush. (Or order it on Amazon…our little grocery stores don’t stock tahini.) We made 6 new tomato cages out of some wire mesh we had on hand this year, but got the rest of the mesh too late to put them around the other tomatoes. I’ve only so far got yellow tomatoes and a few grape tomatoes, but most of them are loaded with green fruit.

Next to the tomatoes is two rows of cucumbers. I put two hog panels out and lean them towards each other so they are self supporting (I wire them together) and then plant one cucumber seed in each “hole”. The cucumbers grow up the panel and out on either side. I thought I had left enough room for this growth this year, but it looks like they need even more space next year. My brother is a fiend for my bread and butter pickles, so we will make a bunch to give him for Christmas. And my father in law put in a request for some bread and butter pickles today, as well. Looks like I’ll be canning this weekend!

Next is the summer squash section. I’ve got 12 plants here (or more…I planted two seeds in each hole.) What was I thinking? Well, that’s why I had two zucchini recipes in my first three posts.

Next is a row of okra and different types of green/wax beans, and some dill, cilantro and carrots. The okra package said to plant one seed every 2-3″ apart and then thin to 18″ apart! Wow, that’s a lot of wasted seed. I instead planted every 6″ or so. Once they came up and I was supposed to thin them, I just couldn’t kill all those little baby plants. So I dug about every other one up and transplanted them…and it worked! Okra is notorious for not transplanting well, but hey, I was going to kill them anyway. Might as well try. I think I only killed 1 or 2, and came up with a whole other row of okra.

I grew beans for the first time last year, and we just loved them. Couldn’t get enough. I only planted 1 row of wax beans last year, and decided this year to plant 6 rows of green and wax bush beans and more pole beans. This section only has the bush beans.

I have never before successfully got carrots to come up, but there are some growing now. I have also never tried dill or cilantro. The cilantro was a success, as I was able to come up with some good recipes, and of course guacamole, but I didn’t know what to do with the dill and it pretty much just grew and grew and I didn’t use any.

The next section had the transplanted okra, peas, potatoes, onions, kohlrabi, beets and strawberries that escaped their earthbox-type containers. They are all done and this section is ready for me to till and put more stuff in it. I made the containers last year out of mineral feeders and they worked so long as I kept them watered, but with so much else going on in the garden, I let them dry out and they didn’t work so well this year. I had never grown beets before, and I found I really liked them. Definitely a repeat grower. The onions did well and I am now trying to figure out how to store them all.

Next is broccoli, cabbage, and different kinds of peppers, along with the 3 eggplant that I grew from seed that I thought had died. I got the broccoli and cabbage in too late, and it is past time to pick the cabbage. I got no broccoli. It is just too hot. The corn is in its own little section beside the main garden. It isn’t tall and is tasseling. Hopefully we get corn this year without that awful fungus we’ve gotten the past 2 years.

Next is sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, pole beans and butternut squash. I grow the squashes and beans on more hog/cattle panels the same as the cucumbers.

Finally, we put in a great big arch for some cucuzzi and oriental yard long beans. DH suggested we use some hog panels and pipe he had cut and welded to make corner posts for our fence, and so those suckers are 9′ high in the center. One panel was curved and one was straight, so the arch itself is a bit off kilter, but if these two plants actually fill it out, it will look awesome. Hopefully it will be filled in by the end of August, as we have a town festival across the street and I want to sell some vegetables during the day…that would be a great attention getter. I planted some toy choi on one side underneath and need to plant something else under the rest of it. To the north of the arch, I planted 6 Hopi Pale Gray Squash from Jackie Clay-Atkinson with Backwoods Home magazine. Only 2 survived, but I think it was because I let them get overcome with bindweed and didn’t water enough. The remaining two are growing strong. I bought 25 seeds from her, so if this doesn’t work this year, I can always try again next year.

I got the cucuzzi from She had offered 6 seeds and requested a few dollars for shipping, but I offered 6 of the Hopi Pale Gray Squash in return and she was happy with that trade. I planted 3, lost 1 in the yard (seriously…that’s what happens when you try to plant things after dark with a flashlight), and kept 2 for next year in case I was too late this year to get one to mature to keep seeds out of.

Welcome to my garden!

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