Mittens for Boobock

It took me a while, but I finally got the mittens done for Boobock. I got the first one done, put down my needles, and just stopped knitting for a while. The other day we got some snow and I couldn’t find the water proof gloves for him to wear so I pulled out one done knitted mitten and he used a cloth one on the other. Time to get down to it, Mom.

This pattern I found at Bev’s Country Cottage. I added a 3 stitch iCord to connect them. (I did the iCord first, the knitted both mittens, then connected them.)

There was a lot more going on with this pattern than with my first project…putting stitches on holder needles, increases, what “work even” means, using markers, etc. I didn’t like how when I did the increases it left big holes between the thumb and the rest of the mitten, so when I was stitching everything together, I brought that together as well. I also cut the yarn too close when I finished stitching things together, so I had to unstitch some of it tie it off and add another strand to tie the last cuff. Lessons learned.

Keeping track of stitches was difficult for me. I had to write down every step and check each row off as I was going. The paper looks a bit worse for wear, but it got me through these two mittens as least:

I had some places where it said “work even for 14 rows”. In this case, the pattern was “knit one row, purl the next”. So, I wrote down 14 rows, so I could put a check by each one, like this:


That was helpful, and I will do it again like this as I get into more difficult patterns.

2 Needle KNIT MITTENS FOR KIDS (pattern by Bev Qualheim-copyright 1998, 2014)
Sizes: 6-8 (9-10)
2 oz 4 ply yarn
2 stitch holders and sewing needle.
Knitting needles size 8
CUFF: Cast on 28 sts. Work in ribbing of k1, p1 for 12 rows.
HAND: Row 1: inc 1 st in each of first 2 sts, k across, inc 1 st in each of last 2 sts – 32 sts.
Row 2and All even rows: P
Row 3: K 15, place marker on needle, inc in each of the next 2 sts, place a marker on needle, k 15.
Row 5: K 15, sl marker, inc in next st, k2, inc in next st, sl marker, k 15. Continue to increase 1 st after first marker and before 2nd marker every k row until there are 12 sts between markers.
Row 12: P 16; sl sts to a holder, removing marker; p 10 (thumb); sl remaining 16 sts to another holder.
THUMB: Work even for 6 (8) rows. K 2 tog across next row. Break yarn; leave end for sewing. Run yarn through remaining sts, draw up tightly and fasten. Sew thumb seam.
TOP: Join yarn at beg of 2nd holder, p to end of row. Work even on 32 sts for 14 (16) rows.
SHAPE TOP: Row 1: (k 2 tog, k2) 8 times.
Row 2: P
Row 3: (k2 tog, k1) 8 times.
Row 4: P
Row 5: K 2 tog across. Break yarn; run through remaining sts and fasten.
Make a 2nd mitten in the same manner.
Sew up seams. I often use a hair brush to brush the inside of each mitten and make them softer.

And here is the result:

Oh, wait, no, that was the mess of yarn that occurred when I tried to reroll the yarn up into a ball I could pull from the middle. After I was done with the mittens, it took DH and I about an hour to untangle that mess.

Here are the real results:
A happy kid.

And two mittens.

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