Pregnancy facts about me – #2

On facebook in December 2013, there were many pregnancy stories going around. “5 pregnancy facts about me” or “20 pregnancy facts about me”, etc. Most of them started with morning sickness, or the happy lack thereof, and ended with 12 hours of labor, or a C-Section, or some other happy ending. Mine is much, much different. I compiled 20 at the time…but more will be added to that list, since my pregnancy facts – or infertility facts, as the case may be – are still accruing. I’ll be doing one “fact” per post, in a recurring fashion. The roundup of this entire series is here: Roundup

2) I was lucky that during my first pregnancy we got to see an ultrasound early, at 8 weeks, since I was an older mom. I miscarried 2 weeks later. But I have an ultrasound picture and I was able to hear the heart beating.

Oh, happy day, we finally got pregnant! After getting laid off from my job in 2009, I was finally home full time, without the 3 hour drive one way, and 4 days away from my husband. Less stress, more time together, boom, pregnant 2 months later.

We, or I, decided to go to a local doctor instead of driving an hour to a larger hospital, or 3 hours back to the doctor in Wichita. I got my first appointment with the doctor, and explained a bit about my PCOS. She hadn’t ever heard of it. That was a bad sign, but I didn’t change doctors. She saw that I was on Metformin, and told me to quit taking that, as I didn’t actually have diabetes. I shake my head at her abject incompetence.

I started telling people that we were pregnant after around a month. First just close family, then more and more people. We were so excited! I just couldn’t wait to hold this little person my husband and I made. I had a lot of time to help DH on the farm, as the company had laid off so many people that they had to give us 2 months notice first. Since I was in a sensitive position that could have caused havoc, I was let go immediately but they still had to pay me for that time. They also paid out my vacation, and then I got some unemployment when all that was done. Of course, I was looking for a job diligently, but hadn’t found anything yet.

I scheduled an appointment to have an ultrasound done. Because I was “older” at 31, they decided to do an ultrasound at 8 weeks instead of 10. DH went with me, and we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat and see the little bugger. It was magical. I was so happy. Oh, the plans we had. I am very thankful that DH decided to go. I didn’t know how many times he needed to go to the doctor with me, but he went to the first appointment and also went to this one.

We got a picture printed out of the ultrasound. I called him my little peanut. That picture is still up on our refrigerator.
ultrasound of Christian

I had little morning sickness and just got a bit tired. I have since learned that because of the small amount of hormones I produce, I don’t get morning sick very often. I felt fine and helped DH around the farm. Walking and lifting and driving and bouncing and all that. Everyone assured me that was fine, just don’t wear myself out.

I finally got an interview for a job on June 12. I went to it, and DH came with me so he could do some errands in Beloit. I had a great interview, we went out to eat and came home. Things were looking up! A new baby, a new (potential) job – which I did actually get, happiness and butterflies and rainbows. I was still under the mistaken impression that if you got pregnant, you automatically got a baby after 9 months. I had no idea what was coming next.

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