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Christmas ornaments out of used canning jar lids

We got a letter in Boobock’s book bag after his 3 year old preschool class last week, saying they were having a Christmas party this Friday and we could bring treats if we would like. Panic panic! I’m not crafty, and I don’t make cookies particularly well either.

But, this threw me back to my grade school days. The mother of one of the boys in my class used to make each one of us a ceramic ornament, with our name on it, the name of the school, and the grade. I have to admit, as a kid, I wasn’t exactly super excited about it, but you know what? Each of those ornaments is still up on my parents’ tree. And I remember her and her kindness now, 30+ years later, and I don’t remember who brought cookies.

Well, I don’t have a kiln. But…I do have used canning jar lids. And so I hatched a plan.

There are 10 kids in the class, including Boobock, so I needed 20 wide mouth lids. And that was no problem at all to grab out of the used canning jar lid drawer. After that, I would need about 10 feet of tinsel, a hot glue gun and something to decorate both sides of the lids.

I picked out lids that didn’t have any rust, or at least I could rub off quickly. I also checked the edges for any dents or protrusions and used a pair of pliers to straighten that out, so the edge was smooth and not any danger to tiny fingers.

I knew the hot glue would cool quickly, so I measured and cut the tinsel so that the center of the tinsel was right on the edge of the ring. Half of the tinsel was outside the ring and half was laying on the lid. Assembly line this so that you get them all the same length and it goes quicker.

Then, I put a canning lid down on the table with the white side up (the underside of the lid) and put a ring of hot glue on it. I kept it on the white part, not on the rubber part. Then I shaped the tinsel into a circle and laid it down on the lid, pushing hard. I put hot glue on the underside of another lid, and this time also in the middle. I then squished the two lids together, to make a tinsel sandwich.


I didn’t do such a good job of centering things here, but this tinsel was such that I could trim it up and make it look nice.


Time to put the hanger on. Simply some ribbon cut to length and glued on.

Next, I measured the inside of the lid. I wanted the silver outside to show, but wanted to decorate the middle. It was 2 5/8″ so I used powerpoint to create a circle that big and chose what to put as the decoration. I used the school logo for one side and the class name, year and name of the child for the other. I printed these on cardstock and cut them out, making sure to cut the black line of the circle off as well.

Then, more glue. I made sure to keep well away from the indention on the lid so the glue wouldn’t squish out. Pressed down hard, and voilà:

And the other side:

A fun project that Boobock got to help with (a little. He “helped” by cutting paper while I cut the circles out, and he guided the glue gun while I pressed the trigger.) And though the kids might not appreciate it this year at 3 years old, they may when they are 30.

(Also: heehee on the lens flare. It would be right at home on the rebooted Enterprise.)