Whole 30 food log – August 2014

Well, let’s just put it all out there, eh? Started a Whole 30 August 4, since no one starts a diet on a Friday (August 1). What did I eat?

8/29 – Day 26
Breakfast – banana and a small peach

8/28 – Day 25
Breakfast – banana
Lunch – tuna stuffed peppers, eggplant with sauce
Snack – tomatoes
Dinner – 2 grilled hamburger patties with 1 slice cheese, tomato, mustard, guacamole

8/27 – Day 24
Breakfast – banana
Lunch – crispy chicken salad and onion rings. Yes, I’m in a rut
Snack – tomatoes, cashews
Dinner – Grilled pork steak, guacamole, green beans

8/26 – Day 23
Breakfast – neighbor’s tree (she gave them to me…I didn’t steal them!)
Lunch – leftover vegetable mess, tomatoes
Snack – banana
Dinner – eek, I don’t remember

8/25 – Day 22
Breakfast – banana and a small peach from a neighbor’s tree
Lunch – crispy chicken salad and onion rings
Snack – tomatoes
Dinner – vegetable mess (sausage, onions, garlic, okra, crushed tomatoes, eggplant, green peppers, jalapeños, yellow zucchini, Jack’s, salt, pepper and cumin, spicy hot v8 juice), tomatoes

8/24 – Day 21
Breakfast – Eucharist and wine
Lunch – leftover chicken, okra, tomatoes
Dinner – chili

8/23 – Day 20
Breakfast – 2 bananas
Lunch – Golden Corral, and as Whole 30 as I could make it. Salad bar, chicken, fish, strawberries
Dinner – Fried Chicken, eggplant, tomatoes

8/22 – Day 19
Breakfast – small apple
Lunch – chicken salad and onion rings
Snack – tomatoes and cashews

8/21 – Day 18
Breakfast – banana
Lunch = taco meat with sugarless chunky mustard zucchini pickles
Snack = tomatoes, red zinger herbal tea
Supper = vegetable mess with sausage and okra, tomatoes

8/20 – Day 17
Breakfast – banana, cashews
Lunch – crispy chicken salad and onion rings
Supper – Taco meat with salsa and black olives, tomatoes

8/19 – Day 16
Breakfast – banana
Lunch – vegetable mess with onion, garlic, okra, zucchini, peppers, eggplant, ground sausage and red wine vinegar, tomatoes, sauerbeets
Snack – tomatoes
Dinner – same as lunch (except the sauerbeets)

8/18 – Day 15 – halfway there!
Breakfast – Small apple from apple tree, cherry tomatoes
Lunch – chili and grapes
Dinner – vegetable mess with onion, garlic, okra, zucchini, peppers, polish sausage and artichoke hearts, tomatoes

8/17 – Day 14
Handful of nuts
Topping from three square pieces of pizza – not the crust
Chili, eggplant with sauce, tomatoes

8/16 – Day 13
No breakfast
Eggplant hot dogs w/ mustard
Chicken nuggets
Chef salad

8/15 – Day 12
Breakfast = 1 small apple from the apple tree, grapes
Lunch = vegetable mess with sausage, cherry tomatoes
Snack = two handfuls pecans

8/14 – Day 11
Breakfast = 1 small apple from the apple tree
Lunch = Monterey chicken salad, a few onion rings/mozz sticks –oops, 1/4 hamburger patty with tomato and pickle
Snack = 1 plum tomato. Yep, I was hungry by supper
Dinner = sausage vegetable mess and a few cherry tomatoes

8/13 – Day 10
Breakfast = 1 small apple from the apple tree, a handful of cherry tomatoes
Lunch = leftover taco meat and bagged salad with awesome sauce
Snack = cherry tomatoes
Dinner = two hamburger patties with mustard, tomatoes and pickled pepper rings, grilled zucchini, a handful of pecans

8/12 – Day 9
Breakfast = 1 1/2 banana (Boobock at the other half) and 2 old nasty previously cooked and peeled hard boiled eggs. Very rubbery. Blech.
Lunch = onion, green pepper and yellow squash onion 4-egg omelet (almost 3, but Outside Chicken came through in the end) with sauerkraut and cherry tomatoes for sides.
Dinner = Taco meat and pak choi

8/11 – Day 8
Breakfast = 2 bananas and 5 strawberries
Lunch = 2 pieces of fried chicken and a large bagged salad with Sesame Low Carb Salad Dressing and Dipping Sauce
Snack = cherry tomatoes
Dinner = Grilled pork chop, eggplant with sauce, green beans (canned from the garden) and a handful of cherry tomatoes

8/10 – Day 7
Breakfast = Eucharist and wine. And 2 strawberries on the way home.
Lunch = 2 hamburger patties with tomatoes, banana peppers and mustard, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and sauted okra and onions.
Snack = cherry tomatoes
Dinner = 4 hotdogs (sans bun) with mustard and a bowl of guacamole

8/9 – Day 6
Breakfast = banana
Lunch = Tuna salad stuffed peppers
Supper = a bowl of ginger zucchini soup, 2 hotdogs (sans bun) and a couple handfuls cherry tomatoes

8/8 – Day 5 – 20 minute walk
Breakfast = bananas and tomatoes
Lunch = Beet vegetable mess, avocado, banana peppers
Snack = ham, cherry tomatoes and a few pear slices
Dinner = Pork chop, sauted zucchini and onion, and an avocado salad with onion, tomatoes, cilantro, lemon juice and salt. Ok, fine. I ate guacamole with a spoon.
Went down another belt notch today…down 4 notches since the beginning of April

8/7 – Day 4
Breakfast = a bowl of cherry tomatoes
Lunch = 2 hamburger patties and a peeled, sliced grilled eggplant (with olive oil) with Sesame Low Carb Salad Dressing and Dipping Sauce. OMG. That was so awesome…
Snack = 1 banana pepper and a handful of cherry tomatoes
Dinner = ham and the peeled sliced grilled eggplant again. Seriously, it is that good.

8/6 – Day 3
Breakfast = banana, pear
Lunch = Beet vegetable mess (I was trying to make borscht, but it came out the same vegetable mess I always make + beets), avocado
Snack = cashews and cherry tomatoes from the garden
Dinner = ham with a side of onion, okra, zucchini and green peppers sauted in olive oil with salt

8/5 – Day 2
Breakfast = Silky Ginger Zucchini soup
Lunch = 2 hamburger patties and a grilled cabbage with olive oil, cumin and Jack’s seasoning
Snack = 2 small yellow tomatoes
Dinner = pork chop, zucchini and okra w/ cream of mushroom soup side, sauerkraut

8/4 – Day 1
Breakfast = banana, green tea.
Lunch = left over roast with onion, 3 cucumbers, 1 avocado
Dinner = onions, okra and ham, green beans, 1 T coconut oil

Starting weight = x – 45 (I’ve lost 45 lbs since April 2013)

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